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You and I could be having a chat about sourcing candidates, how phone screens went, crazy ideas you have, or how bad the weather is here in Northern Ireland. I'm a generalist recruiter, working on all levels of roles from entry to C-level.  Hires I've helped make have been with domain expertise in tech, marketing, sales, consulting, finance, product, medical science, AI and consulting.  I've led recruitment consultants through complex client delivery projects, typically work on senior management roles in the area of marketing or human resources.

You can find me travelling to the ancient islands of Ireland and Croatia, or screaming at the side-lines (sorry in advance to any referees reading this) in support of my children's football and basketball teams.  Before the little devils came along I either lived or travelled in the UK, USA, Sweden, Croatia, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.
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Candidate Management
ATS systems
Talent Pooling/Pipelining
Phone/Video Screening
Market Insights


Global searches with relocation
Emerging Markets sourcing
Strong network connections with local in-country recruitment talent


As a generalist recruiter I have worked across many industries, here are a few.





Private Equity




Including Bio-Tech & Fin-Tech












My Blog

Thoughts and outbursts from my world as a recruiter

There is so much going on beneath the surface in the day of a Recruiter. What you know changes with every interaction, challenge, email, phone call and life experience.  I write every so often about the insights, new discoveries and breakthroughs, that I face when getting my hands dirty in the thicket of this beautiful, tempestuous, and human-driven recruiting universe.

Is Net Zero leaving Biodiversity in the Shadows

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

In the race to achieve Net Zero emissions let us not forget about biodiversity. In Donegal, the construction of a wind farm has caused a peat landslide into an internationally protected salmon spawning river. The river is an important habitat […]

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A Green Recovery

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

Wise and learned words from Environmental Economist Matthew Agarwala: “Our economy operates and exists within the context of the natural world”. “When we invest in nature, we are expanding the operating space of the economy”. “Statistics are the lens through which […]

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US Elections 2020

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

Some of the greatest songs in history used a chorus that sharply contrasted the verse to create a higher level of overall dynamics. Think of The Beatles Penny Lane, Hendrix’s Foxy Lady, The Beach Boys California Girls and Buddy Holly’s […]

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Life is Fragile

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

I just called a candidate to let him know he had got through to next stages. His Partner answered his phone and told me he had died suddenly. I am sharing this as it’s brought home to me the fragility […]

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Live Long and Prosper 🤟

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

In a survey of 5,500 companies over 200 years old 3,100 are based in Japan and 800 in Germany. If a business wants to live long it needs to have a cyclical business model, not a linear business model. If […]

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By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

Did you know there are neurological differences between introverts and extroverts? An introvert has a longer, more complex path acetylcholine neurotransmitter. An extrovert has a shorter, less complicated path dopamine neurotransmitter. Introversion is not a choice, it’s genetic. Diversity is […]

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Biden + IceCream

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

My son is in his 3rd Year of a Politics Degree and has been following the US Presidential Elections. Every second day he is leaving the house and coming back with Ice-Cream. Strawberry cheesecake, salted caramel, cookies and cream-you name […]

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Climate Crises MIT Simulation Tool

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

Come up with your own pathway to solve the climate crises with this MIT designed simulation tool. Try and get below 2% in line with the Paris Agreement There are 30 years of science under the hood of this model […]

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10 Points for Reducing Interview Bias

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

Lou Adler‘s 10 points for reducing Interviewer bias. A Maestro with 45+ years in the business is well worth listening to. READ  

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Curry Interviews Gates

By Jennifer De Maria | December 4, 2020

NBA Legend Stephen Curry asks Microsoft Legend Bill Gates “Why should I hire you for my Junior Software Engineer role?” Bill talks about conspiracy theories, false accusations against him, communities of colour, and distrust of vaccines. It’s Steph’s first episode in his new interview […]

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