💙Calling out all ye Scots, those of Scottish Ancestry, or
anyone who loves or hates ’em.

🤍Although I was born in Belfast, my ancestors were

💙I read a recent article by a best-selling author who says

there is a type of Scot who likes to tell tales of strife and

woe, with a secret joy on the inside.

🤍This type of Puritan Scot likes the fact that someone out

there may have had the privilege of being happy and the

universe is now punishing them for it.

💙I do not believe I’m that type of Scot but maybe if I

psychoanalyse myself enough, I will find I am.

🤍Do the Scots have the monopoly on the doom and

gloom, resulting in being unnecessarily critical of themselves

and in turn others?

💙The rest of that article talks about Nicola Sturgeon but

don’t start a Scot on the politics, we’ll be here all day and night 🤬

Nicola Sturgeon’s canny doom-mongering

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