Is Net Zero leaving Biodiversity in the Shadows

In the race to achieve Net Zero emissions let us not forget about biodiversity.

In Donegal, the construction of a wind farm has caused a peat landslide into an internationally

protected salmon spawning river.

The river is an important habitat for Atlantic salmon, a species in serious decline.

Thanks, Dakota R., for highlighting this story in your talk for the RSPB’s “Towards a Green Recovery” webinar.



A Green Recovery

Wise and learned words from Environmental Economist Matthew Agarwala:

“Our economy operates and exists within the context of the natural world”.

“When we invest in nature, we are expanding the operating space of the economy”.

“Statistics are the lens through which we see the economy”.

“Our Economic Statistics have made nature invisible to policy makers”.

This is a taster of an insightful webinar put together by Rebecca Speight and her RSPB Northern Ireland

team which includes important statistics and messages from Dr. Aoife Ní LochlainnTania Kumar, and Dakota R.

US Elections 2020

Some of the greatest songs in history used a chorus that sharply contrasted the verse to create a higher level of overall dynamics.

Think of The Beatles Penny Lane, Hendrix’s Foxy Lady, The Beach Boys California Girls and Buddy Holly’s That’ll Be The Day.

No matter what the outcome of the US Elections, I hope you, it’s citizens, can produce a great song together for America.

Thanks, Varun Mehta, for sharing “Our Voices Matter” which prompted me to write this (you probably wish you hadn’t now 😆)

Life is Fragile

I just called a candidate to let him know he had got through to next stages.

His Partner answered his phone and told me he had died suddenly.

I am sharing this as it’s brought home to me the fragility of life.

We always hear you should live each day as if it’s your last, but until something like this happens, you let the real living pass you by.

She told me his son will be proud to know his old Dad still had it in him to pass an Interview.

It’s heart breaking.

Live Long and Prosper 🤟

In a survey of 5,500 companies over 200 years old

3,100 are based in Japan and 800 in Germany.

If a business wants to live long it needs to have a cyclical business model, not a linear business model.

If companies are to last they should look at environmental damage and what is happening at a nature pace level.

In 1950 a Fortune 500 had been around for 61 years. Now it’s 18 years.

Communities of Practice last 1000s of years, such as martial arts and in nature clonal strategies like the Aspen tree.

The bristlecone teaches us that adversity breeds longevity, an apt inspiration for us all in these Covid times.

Thank you Alexander Rose for this superbly researched work.

The Data of Long-lived Institutions



Did you know there are neurological differences between introverts and extroverts?

An introvert has a longer, more complex path acetylcholine neurotransmitter.

An extrovert has a shorter, less complicated path dopamine neurotransmitter.

Introversion is not a choice, it’s genetic.

Diversity is a hot topic today. Within that we have Neurodiversity.

Do you think Introverts should be classed as Neurodiverse?

Should they be included within D&I as they’re in the minority as the societal extrovert ideal can lead to them being discriminated against?

I’m a bit behind the times and have only just discovered this report by Glen Cathey, thanks to …. Glenn Gutmacher ….🙇‍♀️



Biden + IceCream

My son is in his 3rd Year of a Politics Degree and has been following the US Presidential Elections.

Every second day he is leaving the house and coming back with Ice-Cream.

Strawberry cheesecake, salted caramel, cookies and cream-you name it, he’s had it!

He says it’s Biden’s fault. If he ever comes back to Carlingford I’ll have a few words with him🍦 🤬