The Politics of America

My son is in his 3rd year of a Politics degree and my husband’s Great Uncle was Dr Ivan Ribar, the First President of Yugoslavia, who was succeeded by Tito.

Needless to say the Political banter in our house is rife. They showed me this article by David Miliband which in my opinion merits a share.

Some excerpts:

” We need to take the politics of America as a warning.”

“The top 400 American families in terms of income pay lower tax rates than the working class.”

“African Americans are a little over 10 per cent of the total population, but a third of the prison population.”

“These divisions are compounded by the Balkanisation of the media.”

“We must not wait until we reach American levels of division and dysfunction to learn that we need to work hard to sustain the liberal democracy that we are lucky to inherit.”



Fraudulent Advertising

Tim Hwang draws an extended analogy between the pre-2007 housing bubble and today’s market for digital advertising.

Despite the extent of surveillance tech, a lot of the data that fuels ad targeting is garbage.

There’s the astonishing level of digital ad fraud, including “click farms” that serve no purpose other than for bots or paid humans to constantly refresh and click ads.

The owner of a successful online audio equipment store learned that 90 percent of his programmatic ad budget was being wasted on fraudulent clicks.

This article by Gilad Edelman built around Tim Hwang‘s new book enlightens us on the toxic truth of online advertising.



No Future For Business As Usual

There is no future for business as usual.

Our current economic system has led to exacerbated social inequalities and loss of nature.

70% of us are affected by rising inequalities.

Working with nature in the infrastructure and built environment system can generate a total of $3 trillion business opportunities and 117 million jobs by 2030.

Have a read, thought provoking facts and stats from Marc Palahi and Justin Adams



Company Loyalty

I overheard a conversation between a man around 50 ‘ish and a lady of a similar age while walking their dogs.

“I’ve was with xxx for 30 years and now Covid….I’ve been let go, and got nothing from them, not so much as a letter, a voucher, a bottle of wine.”

Do any of you have a similar experience?

Do you think company loyalty is no longer appreciated?

Master Chief

🎮 Any of you fellow Gen X’ers out there inspired to take up gaming again? Or maybe you’ve never stopped 💨

I used to play Halo with my son in the Noughties and have started playing a bit of Fortnite and Fall Guys with my daughter.

But Master Chief has been calling me from the cobwebs, had a pow-wow with his buddies and wants me back 😆

An RSPB NI review reveals that 83% of government commitments (35/42) set out in the 2015-2020 Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy have not been adequately met.

Come on Northern Ireland, we can do better than this.👊

Have you not enjoyed exploring and enjoying nature in your local area during lock-down?

Well it’s not going to be around for long if we keep this up.

🗣 Demand change and be part of it

Bias In AI

Bias in AI is being addressed by a new algorithm developed by Dr Deepak Padmanabhan from Queen’s University Belfast

“White-sounding names received 50 per cent more call-backs than those with black-sounding names”

“Call-back rates tend to fall substantially for workers in their 40s and beyond.”

We welcome Dr Padmanabhan’s fair clustering algorithm, called FairKM, to address these biases.👏

Dr Deepak Padmanabhan’s Research


Biomimicry Butterflies and Cypris Materials

🧠Genius – a paint that reflects wavelengths of light to produce the 1st safe colour for consumer products instead of using unsafe toxic pigments and dyes, harmful to the environment. ☣

Cypris Materials, Inc. invented this using structural coloration found throughout nature, notably in butterfly wings and coloured bird feathers. 🦋

🥂Cheers, to a company using biomimicry principles, contributing to a circular economy and helping us achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals ✅

Ryan Pearson, PhD Matthew Ryan, PhDLuke WhitsonAlexander Hess, DPhi