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Getting to know Jennifer De Maria

You and I could be having a chat about sourcing candidates, how phone screens went, crazy ideas you have, or how bad the weather is here in Northern Ireland. I'm a generalist recruiter, working on all levels of roles from entry to C-level.  Hires I've helped make have been with domain expertise in tech, marketing, sales, consulting, finance, product, medical science, AI and consulting.  I've led recruitment consultants through complex client delivery projects, typically work on senior management roles in the area of marketing or human resources.

You can find me travelling to the ancient islands of Ireland and Croatia, or screaming at the side-lines (sorry in advance to any referees reading this) in support of my children's football and basketball teams.  Before the little devils came along I either lived or travelled in the UK, USA, Sweden, Croatia, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.
Services as a Recruiter

Candidate Management
ATS systems
Talent Pooling/Pipelining
Phone/Video Screening
Market Insights


Global searches with relocation
Emerging Markets sourcing
Strong network connections with local in-country recruitment talent


As a generalist recruiter I have worked across many industries, here are a few.





Private Equity




Including Bio-Tech & Fin-Tech












My Blog

Thoughts and outbursts from my world as a recruiter

There is so much going on beneath the surface in the day of a Recruiter. What you know changes with every interaction, challenge, email, phone call and life experience.  I write every so often about the insights, new discoveries and breakthroughs, that I face when getting my hands dirty in the thicket of this beautiful, tempestuous, and human-driven recruiting universe.


By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Covid is beckoning a revival of traditions. A return to the old ways Of the bygone days. An ethereal whisper across the earth To awaken the ancestral storyteller in us Market, sell and share through story Wine Windows in Tuscany […]

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Anonymous Board Feedback on the CMO

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

💹What did 30 board members of Fortune 1000 companies say anonymously about the role of the CMO? 😕1,300 minutes of audio and over 100,000 words, how will I find the time to read that? 👑Topic Modelling algorithms, strut your stuff, […]

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Remembering Francis Allen

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Frances “Fran” Allen, a pioneer in the world of computing, died on August 4, 2020, the day of her 88th birthday. 🥇1st female IBM Fellow 🥇1st woman to win the Turing Award 🥇The IEEE have created a Frances E. Allen […]

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108 Leadership Models

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

I counted approximately 108 leadership models here. We could throw our hands in the air and exclaim “Why do we need so many?” On the other hand, maybe it’s a testimony to our diversity as humans, there can never be […]

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Mental Health Is Just As Important As Physical Health

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Have you ever tuned into a MW- Medium Wave or LW- Long Wave, radio frequency?📻 🗣I remember I did, and what a cacophony of voices, music, and distorted noise Is your mind like that? I can tell you, mine is.🧠 […]

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By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

💙Calling out all ye Scots, those of Scottish Ancestry, or anyone who loves or hates ’em. 🤍Although I was born in Belfast, my ancestors were Scottish. 💙I read a recent article by a best-selling author who says there is a […]

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The Perfect Chocolate Chip

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

♥What is there not to love about this?🍫 Tesla Engineer Remy Labesque has teamed up with todd masonis to create the perfect chocolate chip. Understandably Remy‘s paid in chocolate currency. Dam, that’s my diet out the window, and the chocolate in! Tesla Engineer + Perfect […]

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Life Lessons From Dogs

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

I was in my car, waiting for my daughter to finish her goalkeeper training, and two dogs caught my eye. The owner was throwing a ball, both would run, neck and neck, but the brown one would always catch it. […]

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Do Trees Socially Distance?

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

🌴 Do trees social distance? The tops of trees often refuse to touch each other, and scientists have coined this-Crown Shyness They probably need personal space, after all those roots are 24/7 networking and gossiping amongst each other. But is […]

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Forest Bathing

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

For all you tree huggin hippies out there 😉 In an age where quality of mind or mindfulness is important, this might just be another string to the bow in combating our love-hate relationship with the mind, shinrin-yoku or forest-bathing. […]

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