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Getting to know Jennifer De Maria

You and I could be having a chat about sourcing candidates, how phone screens went, crazy ideas you have, or how bad the weather is here in Northern Ireland. I'm a generalist recruiter, working on all levels of roles from entry to C-level.  Hires I've helped make have been with domain expertise in tech, marketing, sales, consulting, finance, product, medical science, AI and consulting.  I've led recruitment consultants through complex client delivery projects, typically work on senior management roles in the area of marketing or human resources.

You can find me travelling to the ancient islands of Ireland and Croatia, or screaming at the side-lines (sorry in advance to any referees reading this) in support of my children's football and basketball teams.  Before the little devils came along I either lived or travelled in the UK, USA, Sweden, Croatia, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.
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Candidate Management
ATS systems
Talent Pooling/Pipelining
Phone/Video Screening
Market Insights


Global searches with relocation
Emerging Markets sourcing
Strong network connections with local in-country recruitment talent


As a generalist recruiter I have worked across many industries, here are a few.





Private Equity




Including Bio-Tech & Fin-Tech












My Blog

Thoughts and outbursts from my world as a recruiter

There is so much going on beneath the surface in the day of a Recruiter. What you know changes with every interaction, challenge, email, phone call and life experience.  I write every so often about the insights, new discoveries and breakthroughs, that I face when getting my hands dirty in the thicket of this beautiful, tempestuous, and human-driven recruiting universe.

A Guild Economy

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

John Hagel suggests an evolvement from a “gig economy” to a “guild economy”. Individuals from the gig economy are starting to come together in niche groups and work together on projects. This escalates learning and performance, kick starting a Guild of […]

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Product Manager Interview Questions

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Jeff Link spoke with product leaders at Grammarly, Tinder, Parsyl and Square, and other CPOs and Hiring Managers. He has compiled 14 Commonly Asked Product Manager Interview QUESTIONS A must read for any Product Leader and anyone who recruits Product Talent. […]

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Tattoo Moments

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Tattoo Moments From Rishad Tobaccowala’s book, Restoring the Soul of Business, Tattoo Moments are “indelibly marked in our memories like a tattoo is on the skin” (Tobaccowala, 2020:50). One of Rishad’s was when Jack Klues, a board member at Publicis, overseeing billions of dollars […]

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The Great Re-Invention

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

A thought provoking knowledge paper by Rishad Tobaccowala “The Great Re-Invention” Some excerpts: Peoples habits change if they repeat or stop a behavior for 60 or more days. Change sucks but irrelevance is worse The Future Does Not Fit in the Containers […]

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Technology Is Killing Job Descriptions

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Neal Horwitz expertly reminds us on the importance of getting a Job Description right. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve read one and thought “What will this person actually do in the job, what is the job even?” It’s […]

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4 Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Toxic Employees

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

4 Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Toxic Employees by Dianna Booher 1. Who are 3-5 people in the public arena or your personal or social life whom you admire and why? 2. Can you recall ever seeing or hearing about someone […]

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Racism Is A Pandemic Too

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Being of the same generation as Tyler Perry, living though The Troubles in Belfast, and married to someone who experienced the break-up of Yugoslavia, this dehumanization of others who belong to a different race, religion, minority is barbaric. “It is […]

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It’s All About The Strategy

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

When recruiting, do you know your companies #organisational strategy? Look beyond best practices to find the talent. With a best-fit approach, your unique organisational needs are addressed. Perhaps 15% of roles in any company are truly strategic (wealth-creating) As a Recruiter are […]

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Why Don’t We Treat Interviews As Real Data

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

Thought provoking piece from Ted Bauer regarding the information we capture from the candidate interview and how we present it. While on the topic of candidate interviews, I’ve worked remotely for 13 years, and am accustomed to interviewing remotely, but for […]

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Building Resilience

By Jennifer De Maria | December 3, 2020

I WATCHED this Intro video and thought, no matter what the future brings in the realm of AI, Robotics, Cybernetics etc, the power of raw human emotions will always capture, cultivate and convert.

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